What to remember while purchasing a oil painting

You could either order or buy. You can either draw it or print on canvas. You can pick it up, but you probably wouldn’t be able to do it. What you need to know about choosing a painting in order not to make a mistake.

Luncheon on the grass canvas print art photo img

Which painting should I choose? The canvas is in a special order. In the past, connoisseurs and art lovers specially ordered paintings for their mansions and castles. Why not follow their example today? If you feel unsure about the market of modern art, an architect or a designer can buy a painting for you, he will choose a suitable canvas at the beginning of designing a new housing, taking into account the palette of the future artwork. 

You can think the other way and design an interior around an existing painting, whether purchased from a talented master or inherited. The artwork will become the dominant one, defining the style and color scheme of the room.

It’s not worse than the original.

Till now, we’ve only discussed the original canvases. After all, a replica of a famous work of art could be used to decorate the interior. Many offers could be found on the Internet: look at the different offers for repost, study and compare prices from different masters, and then either choose a painting from the already available assortment or order a new one. Depending on the level of complexity, making a duplicate can take around a week or a month.

Senecio by Paul Klee photo image

Straight from the museum.

Museums are now producing copies as well. If you liked the canvas hanging in the gallery, you might be able to purchase or order a print on canvas of it. Probably, it will be a canvas or paper print, or even a “giclee” (a “machine” image print modified by manual paint strokes). The museum officially contracts with the artist. The author’s prints are produced in a limited edition, and their authenticity is guaranteed by a certificate.