What are the Email Deliverability Practices to Increase ROI?

With every business or personal brand leveraging emails, deliverability has become a significant challenge in email marketing, and it has a great impact on the ROI.

What do we mean by email deliverability? Are we referring to the delivery of emails? 

Well, No. 

Let me clarify this to you. 

We say an email is delivered even when it lands on a recipient’s spam box; when it bounces back, we call it a not delivered or undelivered email. 

However, deliverability is all about whether the email made it to the inbox or not.

Did you get the idea now? Now you know how delivery is different from deliverability.

One of the significant reasons is sending emails to incorrect email addresses or invalid email addresses.

And with an email extract tool, you can avoid blunders in locating your prospects’ email addresses. 

Email Extract Tool – For Correct Email Address

When you use an email extract tool like GetEmail.io, you can be sure about the accuracy of your email list. The tool incorporates big data and machine learning mechanisms to locate the correct email address format of anyone on this planet.

The tool is famous for its high accuracy rate and fantastic customer support. 

You can sign up for the free plan initially, and once you find it is efficient for your marketing strategy, you may go for the paid plan.

Such tools will help you to have a healthy email list. 

Besides this, there are several other practices you can follow to raise your ROI. We will see these practices briefly.

Send Emails in a Consistent Frequency

It is crucial to maintain a consistent pace between your emails. When you drastically increase the number of emails, you are probably at risk of being marked as spam.

So, never go from sending four emails a month to seven in a week.

Use Spammy Phrases or Words? No, Never!

As a marketer, it is pretty standard for professionals to end up writing creative phrases in an attempt to entice their audience that ends up looking spammy and triggering a filter.

So, think before you send and may even consult your team if any of the phrases sound spammy.

Use Double Opt-in Approach

When you incorporate a double opt-in approach, you can easily ensure that the email addresses shared with you are genuine and exist. 

Besides this, it also tells you that people who have shared their email addresses are genuinely interested in getting emails from you.

Otherwise, people would not make any effort to authenticate their identity. 

Hence, there is a high chance of conversion with people who are already interested in your brand.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, the delivery rate highly impacts the ROI of an email marketing campaign. 

It is significant to reach their email inboxes for a more potential audience to see what you have to offer them. 

So, by having a healthy email list, personalized emails, avoiding spammy words, double opt-in approach, you can improve the results, i.e., ROI.