How to store your spices in cosmetic jars?

If you like to cook, chances are high that you have a kitchen full of spices. Each spice is capable of providing your meals with a unique and special flavor. Nowadays there are cosmetic jars on the market that are the right choice to keep your spices fresh for much longer. We are talking about the ones made with Miron glass. Although it may look black at first, it is actually violet. A simple change in the color of the glass makes your spices keep their flavor and aroma for months. You know this is one of your headaches. If you don’t store your spices in these purple cosmetic jars, they will continue to lose all their characteristics. In this article, we are going to give you some ideas on how you can store your spices the right way.

Choose the right size for each spice

There are spices that you use more than others. Some spices take up more space than others. For example, cinnamon sticks take up much more space than whole pepper. Choose the right cosmetic jars for each type of spice to get the best results. The amount of each spice also plays a key role. As a general rule, the more of a spice you store, the faster you will need to use it up. Although cosmetic jars can protect from the damaging effects of light, you still have to be careful about the humidity of the environment. It all depends on how much and how often you use each spice.

Identify cosmetic jars to organize them better

There are stickers that you can place on jars and use a marker to write down the spice that is stored in each one. If you have a printer, you can design your own stickers with images and in full color. The idea is to identify the cosmetic jars so that you can store them correctly. You should always place the spices you use every day in an easily accessible place. The spices that you use less can be placed behind the others. You can also keep track of the amount of spices you use and know when to buy them again. In some stores, you can carry cosmetic jars and place the spice directly in them. This way you avoid it coming in contact with the plastic bags. Some consider spices to be “magic powders” capable of transporting you to many places or reminding you of pleasant events in your life.