The pandemic has made it clear to me that partying and or celebration is pretty essential to the lives of most people. If you’re a teenager, you need the party’s to socialize and escape from your normal, stressful lives. When you become older, even though you party less, you still have the need to socialize and talk with friends and family. I now am convinced that we really need these kinds of the party’s in our lives to keep us sane. At the end of the pandemic, I’ve even started to look forward to a company party, I’m that desperate. Now that most of the rules and regulations have been lifted, I’ve volunteered to organize the office party. It will most likely be a “welcome back/ Christmas” party. I’m still working on the theme. Something I am certain about is that I want to buy a branded polaroid camera. Or more specifically, I want to buy a polaroid camera and some branded Instax film to get a beautiful branded instant photo. Luckily, I still have some time to work on that.

Creating some branded instant photo’s

Buying an ordinary Polaroid camera is not really a problem. You can easily buy a polaroid camera from many different retailers online and have them delivered to you within a few days. But of course, I want something different. I want to have a custom polaroid camera with branded instax film to create a branded instant photo. The film is the piece of “foil” you print on. You can customize this with your brand logo and brand colors. You can also of course customize the photo frame. So you can change the look of the paper on which you print the photo. For a truly custom photo, you really need the branded Instax film to create a branded instant photo.

Producing my custom order

I haven’t yet found a retailer that can help me with my custom order. I know it is possible to customize the paper, but the film is a bit more tricky. So I will just keep on searching and talking to a lot of different retailers. In the meantime, let’s hope that the government will not become stricter on the rules and regulations surrounding Covid-19. I do really want to have the party I’ve been waiting so long for. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.