Comparison Between Indica Sativa and Hybrid Vape Cartridges

Cannabis sativa strains are separated into 3 distinct categories that are as follows:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid

So far, researchers and scientists could not properly define the basic chemical differences between all these 3 cannabis categories. However, it is quite clear from lots of anecdotal testimony that the cannabis effects may vary a lot based on their genetics.

You will find Indica cannabis is much different from the Sativa variety and also with hybrid strains. Cannabis producers have however hypothesized that the basic differences between Indica, Sativa, and hybrid cannabis strains can be attributable to their exclusive terpene profiles.

As most of us believe that terpenes are mainly responsible for their differences hence the CBD oil vape cartridge that contains terpenes can also be put into any one of these 3 groups. So, in this article let us try to understand each of these hybrid vape cartridges separately to understand which variety of CBD vaping experiences will be right for you.

Indica CBD vape cartridges

Usually, Indica CBD vape cartridges will contain extracts from a certain mature, cannabis Sativa flower that are having more attributes of Indica. These cartridges are a disposable type of cartridge. Generally, Indica cannabis strains are short and stocky having thick and resinous buds.

You may find muskier and sweeter aromas while Sativa strains will smell more hazy and fruity. Indica CBD vape cartridges will also share all the attributes of their original strains and will exert their typical Indica cannabis effects.

Sativa CBD vape cartridges

As the name suggests, Sativa CBD vape cartridges will contain extracts that are derived from any CBD-rich hemp strains having Sativa attributes. Sativa hemp plants are usually lanky and tending to stretch, bear light-green buds that are longer as compared to their width.

Any high-quality Sativa CBD vape cartridges will preserve the fruity, sour, or lemony aroma that is the indication of prestigious Sativa genetics.

Hybrid CBD vape cartridges

As far as hybrid CBD vape cartridges are concerned, they will be derived from those Cannabis sativa plants that may share attributes having both Sativa and Indica strains. The hybrid strains are basically designed to highlight all the best qualities of each of the major cannabis subtypes.

Hybrid strains are having the most diverse and varied aroma and taste. Some of the hybrid CBD strains may feature 50/50 of the genetics of Sativa/Indica, but most cultivars may lean more towards any one side of the spectrum of Indica/Sativa.

How to select the right type of CBD vape cartridge

You may like to enjoy rather each variety of CBD vaping at specific points instead of selecting any single variety of vape cartridges. Puffing on any Sativa strain will be your perfect way of getting a good start during the morning.

For your balance and clarity, you may choose to inhale hybrid CBD vapor and take a few puffs throughout the day.

At night you can finish things off just by puffing an Indica CBD vape cartridge just to rewind while going to bed. As they are compatible mostly with 510-threaded batteries, hence Secret Nature cartridges will make it easier to switch up your mood for CBD vaping as the day will progress.