A vacation without visiting the Moco Museum is not a vacation

Rarely can we say that we have had the best vacation of our lives? Only when we live unique experiences during our trip, we can say that the vacation was worth it. If you want to achieve this on your next trip to Amsterdam, you have to visit the Moco Museum. It is a relatively young museum as it was founded in 2016. You can locate it near the Museumplein square, surrounded by other important museums such as the Van Gogh Museum. But why do we say that this museum is unique? Well, there is no other Amsterdam art museum that has several floors and a garden full of creative and full-color art pieces. In fact, if you download their mobile app, you can discover hidden works of art thanks to augmented reality technology.

What will you need to enjoy this museum?

We could say, in a nutshell, that you just need to be in the mood for fun. However, to get the most out of your visit to the Moco Museum, there are several recommendations we have for you. First, you should know that you are allowed to take pictures in this museum, but you must turn off the flash. Without going into details, the constant use of flash can alter the integrity of the art pieces. Second, visit the website of this Amsterdam art museum before visiting it. There you can find all the information about the different exhibitions. This way you will not miss anything. Now you can book your ticket and go to the museum. Do not forget to share your experience on your social networks.

How to buy tickets to enjoy this Amsterdam art museum?

Remember that we are living in new normality. There are certain rules that we must follow so that visits to the museum are safe. Once you visit the website of the Moco Museum, you will notice that to buy your ticket you have to specify the date and time you want to make your visit. This is simply to avoid crowds inside the museum. Remember that this Amsterdam art museum has the obligation to comply with the rules imposed by the city. To avoid problems, we recommend that you attend the museum at least ten minutes before the time you have chosen. Plan your visit in advance so you can enjoy the whole museum without missing a single thing. Are you ready to live an experience full of colors, creativity, and fun?